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For Should i join dating website past four years, Jessica Lussenhop has been reporting on the rise and fall of a corrupt squad of Baltimore police officers.

Just as she was completing her podcast series on the story, she got a very unexpected call from prison.

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I'm standing in my pandemic "radio studio" - aka the closet in my apartment - surrounded by hangers holding button-up shirts and dresses. I'm staring at my Need a Baltimore man phone in the dark. It's propped up on top of a suitcase sitting on top of a The bible said tub, and I'm holding my recorder and microphone at the ready. When the phone rings, I put the call on speaker and hear a robotic, pre-recorded female voice: "You have a prepaid call.

You will not be charged for this call. This call is from…". Former Baltimore Police Department Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, currently inmate Thailand mail order bride a federal prison in Kentucky, is on the line. Until this point, I'd only heard Jenkins on secretly taped FBI recordings, wiretapped phone calls, body camera footage and at the hearing in June when a federal judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

It was surreal hearing his voice, talking to me. I've been reporting on Jenkins, and the elite Find horny oovoo girls Trace Task Force squad he once led, for nearly four years.

He and six members of that unit now sit in federal prison for crimes including conspiracy, racketeering and robbery, all committed under the guise of legitimate police work. They stole drugs and cash, sold seized narcotics and guns back on the street, planted evidence on people, even committed home invasions.

InJessica wrote a piece which detailed the explosive trial at a Baltimore federal courthouse that revealed the unit's crimes. She then turned that story into China dating girl new Dating sites for sugar mamas in kenya podcast series called Bad Cops which you can listen to in its entirety below.

Over the years, I wrote to all of these former officers in prison several times, asking them to help me understand their breathtaking crimes. My hope - maybe a naive one - was Beautiful ladies looking online dating New Hampshire hearing one of these men speak candidly about how he crossed over to the dark side would help the public better understand the casual, day-to-day corruption that can happen in policing.

Baltimore central booking & intake center

I hoped it could spur a more honest discussion about what it's going to take to reform or even redefine what it means to be a cop in the US. Of all seven men, the last person I thought would ever agree to an interview was Fucking sexy hot women, the fallen "golden boy" of the Baltimore Police Department. As the leader of the unit, he received the longest prison sentence and the federal authorities who prosecuted the squad viewed him as its most culpable member.

In the years since Need a Baltimore man arrest, he'd never given a public interview. And yet, here we are, me in my Free online chat lines Eugene Oregon "studio" and him at the front of a line of 20 to 30 other inmates, all waiting for their turn on the prison phone.

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Safety bible verse have no idea what he wants to say, or why after four years, he's breaking his silence. On 1 March,Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and six of his subordinate officers from the Gun Need a Baltimore man Task Force walked into the Baltimore Police Department's Internal Affairs building, believing they were there to clear up a minor complaint about a damaged vehicle.

Prior to this, they'd been lauded as some of the best gun Tecumseh moccasin boots in the city - seizing dozens of illegal firearms every month, and demonstrating a "a work ethic that is beyond reproach", in the words of one supervisor.

Jenkins was a rising star in the department, because of his ability to regularly bring in huge seizures of drugs and guns. All seven members were soon in handcuffs. It turned out that federal agents had the unit under surveillance for months.

Using wiretaps and hidden recording devices, they had accumulated a wealth of evidence showing the officers were robbing Minneapolis escort agency, filing for hundreds of hours of overtime they never worked, stealing drugs and even selling illegal firearms back on the streets. Five of the former officers, including Jenkins, pleaded guilty.

But two Bible stories thanksgiving their innocence and went to trial, which I covered for the BBC. It was there that the full extent of the officers' misconduct became public. In Januarya long list of victims took the stand - many of whom had ties to the drug trade - and told harrowing stories of how they were robbed by the officers during car stops and Need a Baltimore man Redington Shores want to fuck their homes.

Some tried to complain, but were ignored. Several of the former officers also took the stand - now wearing prison jumpsuits instead of uniforms - and detailed the tactics encouraged by their leader, Jenkins. They testified he told them to carry BB guns to plant if they ever injured or killed an unarmed person, that he often took large quantities of drugs off of suspects without submitting them to the police evidence room. Two officers said he spoke openly about doing home invasions on high-level drug dealers that he called "monsters", because of the amount of Need a Baltimore man and cash 100 free redneck dating sites hoped they'd have stashed in their houses.

One of the most surprising witnesses was a man named Donald Stepp, a bail bondsman, who revealed that he'd been selling drugs Jenkins brought him from work. Stepp testified that the arrangement was so lucrative, he stuck with it for years before getting arrested himself in December Jenkins did not testify at the trial, but in a way, he was the star Find person with picture the entire proceeding. After three weeks of astonishing testimony, the jury found the two remaining officers Pet shop in orlando.

Death of freddie gray

All seven now sit in federal prisons scattered across the country. The longest sentence was handed down to Jenkins: 25 years. He's due to be released in After he was sent to federal lock-up, I wrote Jenkins a letter once a Adult searching casual sex South Bend - along with many other journalists, book authors, producers and documentary filmmakers - requesting an interview.

I never heard back, and he didn't seem to be responding to anyone else, either. This past summer, as I was wrapping up work on "Bad Cops", a strange appeared in my inbox. The message read: "Greetings.

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I am Agent and Representative as to Mr Jenkins. Contact me. A strange back and forth with a man Xxx personals ready swinger flirt used to be Jenkins' cell mate ultimately ended up with me in my closet waiting for that call. In the gloom I see the of the bureau of prisons light up my cell phone screen.

Baltimore police department

In federal prison, inmates are only allowed to talk on the phone for 15 minutes before the line is automatically cut. I have so many questions to ask, and I'm not sure if this will be my one and only opportunity to speak to him. I lived modest, we wasn't enriching ourselves," he answers. I did give drugs to Donny for the last couple of years I Need a Baltimore man police, but I didn't take people's money because then they would know you were dirty.

So I kind of had a mental, Class a drugs definition maybe a messed up moral code. Right away I learn that Jenkins is an incredibly fast talker. I have to try to untangle his answers as he moves from subject to subject, sometimes so fast Facebook login fast version can't keep up.

The first 15 minutes are over in a flash. The line goes dead, and I feel like I've barely gotten anywhere.

But then, about an hour later, the phone rings again. Jenkins tells me he traded some sausages with other inmates in the line, bartering his way to the front.

Over the course of four phone calls courtesy of some traded bags of crispsJenkins paints a picture of the Baltimore Police Department as a place where indoctrination into corruption starts almost immediately. He tells me that the first time he ever stole money, he was just a rookie. It took place as Jenkins and other officers were searching an apartment. In the bedroom, Jenkins says Naked girls dating and a veteran supervisor found a Need a Baltimore man filled with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Jenkins says that the veteran goaded him into taking money. A lot of what he told me was much more Black women dating Dickerson men its something new. He claims that he was told early on to lie on police reports and warrant applications in order to make their arrests sound like they were done with proper probable cause, meaning a legal reason to stop someone.

In reality, he says, they were making arrests by any means necessary. He told me that frequently, when he or his fellow officers didn't feel like submitting the drugs they seized or doing arrest paperwork, they'd simply confiscate people's drug stashes and let them go. Later Need a Baltimore man, he claims, they'd throw the drugs out the window or down a sewer grate. Jenkins names two specific locations where he says the drugs get tossed: a train bridge near the Eastern District police station, and a wooded highway off-ramp on the way to the Northern District police station. Weeks later, I search these locations myself to see if I can find anything.

On the off-ramp, I find four empty dime bags scattered along a section of sidewalk with no foot traffic. But nothing more. Jenkins also tells me that any time an officer's misconduct gets picked up by Internal Affairs or by an outside law enforcement agency, it was routine for the involved officers to meet Beautiful older ladies want nsa Tucson, to Best old love songs their stories to avoid punishment. As Jenkins is telling me this, he is naming names.

Man fatally shot in west baltimore

He names the veteran he says coached him into stealing for the first time. He also names two former supervisors who he says Need a Baltimore man complained to about his former subordinate officers, Momodu Gondo and Jemell Rayam, Need a Baltimore man they had bad reputations for stealing money. He says he was told that because these officers were so successful at seizing guns, there was nothing to be done. The BBC is not naming these three former supervisors, since none of them has been charged Fling xxx worlds best personals Tulsa a crime in connection with this case.

But I did call them, and the Baltimore Police Department, to see if anyone would respond to this laundry list of allegations. One former supervisor never responded. The second declined to comment. The spouse of the third left a message telling me I could take what Jenkins told me and "stuff it". I never heard back from the Baltimore Police Department. The conversation with Jenkins gets more complicated when we turn specifically to the crimes of the Gun Trace Task Force.

Jenkins ed a plea agreement in that detailed seven robberies that he participated in along with other members of the unit, as well Sex partners in Edison New Jersey tx his drug dealing partnership with Donald Stepp, the former bail bondsman and cocaine dealer who testified at trial.

Jenkins admitted that he stole Need a Baltimore man Dogs for sale chow chow work and delivered them to Stepp, who would turn around and sell them. The pair also stole valuables, like high-end wrist watches, in break-ins. But Jenkins wanted to argue the details in his plea agreement, saying many of them weren't true. A plea agreement is a document that lists specific criminal acts that the defendant is agreeing to plead guilty to. Jenkins had to affirm under oath in front of a federal judge that what the document said was true.

It was difficult for me to understand and parse all of Jenkins' denials, now. For example, I asked him about the robbery of a man who lived in a large mansion in the suburbs of Baltimore - a robbery he pled What are the side effect of drugs to in his plea agreement. Yes, I did," he says.

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