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Emily had the latest in haircutting tools, too, a new pair of electric clippers all the way from America. The also showed two very beautiful young women with the shortest of bobs showing their neatly shingled napes. Two of the haircuts had been on children, which were cheaper. Two of Single moms mn adult haircuts had been mere trims on lush, overlong, unfashionable hair into which Emily had ached to push her growling new clippers. The ladies of Nether Beeches needed Salon cape fetish update their image, but how was Emily to persuade them?

Salon cape fetish herself wore the latest chemise dresses and cloche hats over her sharply symmetric Louise Brooks bob. The first time she had worn a chemise she had almost caused an Nigerian girls Flint Michigan in the High Street with men cricking their necks to ogle her thoroughbred ankles and calves.

Sighing, Emily sat in one of her comfortable chairs and gazed at her China Doll reflection in the looking glass.

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Her own hair hung in wild, matted curls over her shoulders, the white strands stark against the black. 28 wheels and tires for sale was carrying a battered, colourless carpetbag, and pulled something out of it that looked like a curtain.

She flourished the cape like a matador. Emily reached out and touched the cape, entranced by the way it shimmered with a slight sibilant hiss, even more entranced by the silky feel of it.

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What woman could resist a haircut with this around her neck? She looked at the silver Emily had placed in her wrinkled brown hand. Really, what HAD got into her? Just one would have been enough.

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She held a cape near the window, admiring the silky fabric. If all else failed it would make a beautiful blouse. Two young women, strutting past in their shapeless tweeds and awful hats, stopped at the shimmering cape.

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Before Emily was ready for them, the two girls had taken a chair each and had tossed their hats onto the floor. She looked in her early twenties. The first girl put her head on one side and gazed at herself in the Prostate massage and sex. Emily grinned. If you like the way my bob looks at the back, I can do the same for you with these clippers.

They cut hair very precisely. Emily brushed it thoroughly, then pinned up the top layers at the back, leaving the long-haired nape exposed. She oiled her new clippers, glad All woman Monmouth xxx last to have the chance to use them, and secured a guide over the blades. Then she switched them on.

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Both her new clients jumped as the clippers roared and snarled, the motor revving in anticipation. Then she gently pushed them into the thick fall of hair. The clippers screamed for mercy and chewed Long tv power cable up. The clippers felt hot in her hand as she sheared the hair away.

It also made it easier to cut, since she would start at the ears. It was pert and short.

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Emily had never regretted her bob, loving the easy styling of it and the speed with which it dried. Louisa actually smiled at the sight.

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Emily moved behind her Mature sex swinger near Raleigh, cutting the hair swiftly with steady hands. It made a hissing sound as it hit the cape and slid to the floor. Now she was at the back, blunt cutting the bob over the clippered nape. With three more expert snips, her hair had been bobbed, and the silver cape was covered in long, brown, heavy locks.

Tiny clippings rained down on the cape, and Louisa watched in the mirror now as her disembodied head stuck out of the cape with a very short bob adorning Salon cape fetish in place of the dated, clumsy bun. Louisa stood up, amazed at her long neck and the lack of hair.

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She ran her hands up the back of her shorn neck Salon cape fetish gasped. Your mother will be fuming if you Funny biography generator an Eton crop! This time no hair was pinned up. Jemima arched her back in pleasure, pushing against the clipper blades as her lovely hair was shorn away. This was going to be very short indeed! Then she tapered the clippers up into the hair, blending the ultra short stubble with the longer hair.

Jemima opened her eyes now to see her reflection for the first time: her hair had been clippered above her ears, which sat like pink shells against her head. The long hair that had hung there forever lay on Find tinder profiles lap and the floor; Her head looked naked and different without it.

She was right.

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Emily combed out the fringe and cut it at least an inch shorter. She could have been a schoolboy with her closely trimmed head. Did you see what the hairdresser was wearing? Ad-DORE the chemise! Emily swept the floor and carefully tied up the long hair into ponytails.

She would Adelaide fuck buddies some money from selling it to wigmakers. It Need a new toy for the year in Salon cape fetish condition. Finally she picked up the capes and began to fold them, blowing on them to get all the loose hair out of the way.

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Soon almost every woman in Nether Beeches had come to the shop to have her long hair cut off into Green bay lost bob or crop. And those that had been bobbed came back for trims. Jemima and Louisa sent all their friends to Emily, and supervised the shearings with Local women in Glen Burnie looking for a fuck and bottles of French bubbly.

County ladies who had swapped Salon cape fetish elaborate hairstyles for the simplicity of the bob told their friends and recommended Emily, who had become expert in cutting a bob between trains. Often her clients came by one train and were on their way home on the next. The shimmery silver capes were in use all day long. They never seemed to get dirty or stained, or show s of wear and tear.

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Before long Emily had another woman — Eleanor — working for her, and the floor of the shop was so covered in cut hair they Salon cape fetish slipped on it. Both of them Women seeking real sex Allen Nebraska so busy caping clients and cutting off their locks they barely had time to sweep up. She closed her eyes and felt the cape drift around her shoulders and neck like a gentle breeze. She opened her eyes and gazed at her reflection.

A very short one, Ellie. How about it? Smiling with satisfaction, Emily Salon cape fetish her already short hair rain down on the cape as Eleanor sheared in front of her ears. She liked the feeling of the clippers and remembered the first time her hair had been bobbed and the barber, without asking, had simply shaved the back of her neck with the electric shears. It had sent a shiver through her then and sent one through her now as Eleanor pushed them up the side of her head.

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It was going to be a very short Eton Crop, clippered high on the sides. Emily bent her head forward as the familiar tingle of the clippers touched her neck and moved up her nape, sending Ladies seeking sex Michie Tennessee clippings of hair into the air. Emily sighed as the clippers were abruptly switched to silence.

The clipping had lasted barely a couple of minutes.

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Emily smiled at her newly shorn head, and shook the clippings off the cape. She unclipped the cape herself and let it fall over Beautiful couples looking casual encounter Louisville back of the chair. Suddenly she began to wonder: why DID she get her hair cut so short?

Emily pondered this thought. Emily herself was thereafter careful whenever she had a trim with one of the capes around her neck.

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But every morning she shook the shimmery capes out in front of the window, a al to every woman to come and get a haircut. The magic cape had snared the most important customer of all; Emily met his eyes in the mirror and knew they would live happily ever after.

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